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Client - Naylors Farm Cottage

Naylors Farm Cottage
Private Client, Mayfield, East Sussex

3 Naylors Farm Cottage is a delightful semi-detached property, located in a quiet rural location approached over a private road and enjoying lovely rural views. The cottage comprises of 4 bedrooms, a family bathroom on the first floor, with 2 reception rooms and a spacious kitchen on the ground floor.
The owners are undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment to the cottage, which involved a complete upgrade on their current heating system. When investigating a new system the owners were keen to choose a system that was more economical with less impact on the environment.

The original heating and hot water system was long over due for an upgrade. The system was operated by a 13-year-old oil boiler and had been badly installed, effecting its operating efficiency, often secreting a smelly vapour. Buying oil was also sometimes difficult to estimate, buying at the right time had to be considered, with the added pressure of oil prices fluctuating, meant that heating bills were sometimes expensive and difficult to budget.


Once a technical survey was carried out by our Reina Compliance team, we recommended a Daikin Altherma Air Source heat pump , ideal for this type of property. The heat pump itself is a small compact unit which is positioned outside, with the hot water cylinder situated inside, usually in a small room or cupboard. This installation was straight forward and we provided a seamless install with little disruption to the client, another happy Retrofit Works customer. The client commented “All your staff have been helpful, polite and answered our questions, in particular the engineers were careful to keep to Covid safe practice.”


Since the installation of the heat pump the house is kept to a nice comfortable temperature of 21° throughout the day. The client is now reaping the benefits of living in an energy efficient home and getting used to this lifestyle change, living with a comfortable temperature all the time instead of surges of heat twice daily, when the heating came on, with the old system.

Each RetrofitWorks install will benefit from a remote monitoring system, whereby our HP team can see and measure the efficiency of the heat pump vs the amount of electricity consumed. These results will be an essential part of the Zero Carbon Heat Trial.