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Client - Westridge Construction – Whitstable Bay Oyster Company

Westridge Construction – Whitstable Bay Oyster Company
The Warehouse Redevelopment - Whitstable

A state of the art development which comprises of two sites referred as the ‘Oval Chalet’ and the ‘Tile Warehouse’. The land is owned by Canterbury City Council and was historically leased for boat storage from 1961. Since 2013 the site has been derelict and has become overgrown and an eyesore. The re-development included 10 modern holiday lets, 8 privately owned luxury town houses, café/commercial outlets and community garden areas.

System Design:

Our client’s remit involved design and installation of full mechanical package to 10 holiday lets supplied by Remeha boilers housed in a centralised plant room. The boilers supplied the apartments via Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) which locally distribute hot water and heating to the individual apartments by means of underfloor heating.

Installation of individual boilers are accommodated in each of the 8 town houses providing heating and hot water. Underfloor heating is fitted throughout which offers an efficient means heating to the dwellings.

Sanitaryware was supplied by the client and installed and fitted by the Reina Engineers.

Scope of Works:

Installation of 2 Remeha boilers in series with low loss header and dosing equipment provided heating to the 10 holiday lets. Remeha boilers incorporates electronic and thermostatically controlled valves and works at low temperatures to maximise efficiencies. They integrate with offering a low carbon and condensing technology to provide an extremely efficient solution for heating, optimising the opportunities Heat Networks can provide. A district heating system was identified early as key proposal for this type of development.
The 2 Boilers are housed in a separate plant room which feed all 10 holiday lets with hot water and heating through Heat interface units (HIU). Rather than supplying each of the 10 apartments with gas, and installing numerous domestic boilers, heat interface units require only a hot water riser connected to each apartment and a central boiler plant. In addition, there will be no building-wide gas network to install or maintain on an ongoing basis.