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Company Policies

The Reina Group follows a set of robust policies that are designed to ensure that the company operates in a way that exceeds the requirements of our customers, meets legal and statutory requirements and has a beneficial impact on the environment.

We are a dynamic & customer focused organization providing a complete solution service to our clients’ requirements, from design to installation through to maintenance

Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a first choice partner for all our customers in respect of the services we provide.
We will achieve our goals, by establishing and maintaining an unimpeachable reputation amongst our client base, by providing;

  • Innovative, practical and sustainable solutions
  • Robust and reliable installations
  • Excellent and responsive customer service
  • Investment in our employees, through training and equal opportunities
  • A robust environmental policy, that exceeds our customer expectations
  • Health and safety measures, which will surpass statutory requirements
  • Competitive prices which are attractive to our customers

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Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Reina Group is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services and products which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.
This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the Company to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Managing Director.

To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance the Managing Director retains responsibility for the Quality System.

Our Quality Policy therefore is to strive for total customer satisfaction by virtue of…

  • System design, supply, installation and servicing of low carbon technologies
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Regular review of effectiveness of quality management system and
  • Continual improvement of our systems and operation

Environmental Policy

The Reina Group recognises that inherent in the nature of the services we provide to our customers is a potential to impact upon the environment.

Fortunately, it is also almost always true that the more efficient the design and equipment we install, the more cost effective it is for our customers and the lower its environmental impact- a genuine ‘win win’ situation!

Our aim therefore is to continually reduce the impact of our business on the environment by adherence to the following guidelines:

  • We will comply with all environmental legislation and industry recognised codes of practise, seeking to exceed them wherever practicable
  • All our designs and installations will reflect our concern of meeting the highest achievable standards of efficiency and environmental performance
  • We will work with our customers to ensure they understand the environmental impacts of the work we do for them and encourage them to adopt the most efficient and environmentally responsible solutions
  • By working with our suppliers and industry bodies, we will keep abreast of the latest technology to ensure we are always offering the most efficient and responsible designs and installations available
  • We will raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters
  • It is the responsibility of the Managing Director of the Reina Group to implement the above policy and to monitor our continuing performance against it
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