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Solar PV Installation in Kent, Sussex, Surrey & London.

Interested in Solar Panel Installation? Start your journey to reduce utility bills and become less dependent on the grid.  Installing a Solar PV system in your home, taking free energy from the sun, doesn’t need to cost the EARTH!  We can design and install the ultimate Solar PV (Photovoltaic) system with battery storage for you.  Our Solar PV systems are competitively priced and installed by our Solar PV specialist engineers.

We are a Solar Panel Installer in Kent, Surrey, Sussex & London and have been supplying renewable heating and energy installations for over 20 years.

Why opt for Solar PV? Renewable energy is important to everyone with environmental benefits which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, helping combat climate change and improve air quality.  If nothing else sustainability of energy sources like sunlight, wind and water are essentially inexhaustible, ensuring a long-term and sustainable energy supply.

Benefits of Solar Panels?

  • Massive Savings – A solar PV system can save you up to £1800 per year on your domestic electricity bill.  With the constant rise of electricity prices, Solar Panels are an important investment to consider.
  • 25-year guaranteed output – The output of your PV solar panels is guaranteed for 25 years from the time of installation.
  • Free electricity forever – Consider not paying for electricity forever and the impact this will have on your lifestyle.
  • A sensible investment – To install a solar PV system, is a sensible investment for your home. A typical 4kWp system will save you around £1800 per year on your electricity bills.  A property with Solar PV is an attractive asset when selling your home.
  • Generating Energy All Day Long – Solar Panels are designed to generate energy in daylight hours so it doesn’t need to be sunny you can create energy even on the dullest of days.

How much do Solar Panels cost?

Join 1,000s saving up to 70% on energy bills by Investing in a solar PV system.  Not only do solar PV’s provide you with free electricity but also presents a lucrative opportunity to generate income. Through the government-operated smart export guarantee scheme (SEG), which is an obligation imposed on certain licensed electricity providers to offer a tariff which reimburses small-scale low carbon generators, such as Solar Panels for electricity that they export to the National Grid.

Indicative Quotation to Design, Supply & Install Solar PV

Kilowatt System SizeNo. of PanelsIndicative Cost
Indicative Solar Panel cost zero VAT

Add battery storage to your system for only an additional £2,999.

You’re in safe hands with our Solar Panel Installation Service:

Reina have over 20 years of experience in renewable energy systems and specialise in solar panels, battery storage systems, for domestic and commercial properties.  We will tailor each Solar PV System to meet your specific needs and help you save money on your bills, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

  • We are at the forefront of renewable energy solutions & installation in Kent. 
  • We are approved and have all the necessary accreditations, which gives the consumer greater piece of mind and confidence with our installations.
  • We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Our team of highly skilled professional engineers provide an exemplary installation.
  • We only use leading brands of Solar Panels.

For an indicative quote and more information on Solar Panels please contact our team on 01303 248648 or email

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