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Commercial Heating Offsite Solutions – MMC & OSM

We have embraced the Modular and Off-site Manufacture (OSM) concepts of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) which is a non-traditional means of building.

We firmly believe that the path to a successful delivery of demand and sustainable future is through maximising the benefits of offsite-built HVAC Solutions. It enables higher levels of safety, quality, carbon reduction, product integration, control, predictability, certainty, productivity, scalability to development and reduction of waste. Our end to end approach creates the perfect fit for both ‘Design and Build’ and ‘Modular Building’ methods.

Our Off-site Packaged/ Modular capabilities are:

  • Plantrooms
  • Energy Centres
  • Plant Skids
  • MEP Utility Cupboards
  • Fabricated Pipework

“If ever there was a time and a need to embrace more productive construction methods, that time is now”.

Our Process

Our expert inhouse team of HVAC design and project managers will take ownership of every scheme from inception through to handover.

Initial Assessment

  • Get precise projections for design, cost and schedule

Definitive Programming

  • Create an overview of installation and assembled manufactured mechanical design


  • We design for purpose and performance. We tailor the design to ensure maximum benefit from module sizes, configurations, spans and loadings and transportation restrictions. We offer both standard and mass customised HVAC solutions
  • Develop a detailed modular or packaged design that meets your program.
  • Designed for manufacturing, ensuring efficiency in cost materials, as well as complete quality control.

Optimised Production

  • Detailed design drawings provide a seamless coordinated production process for manufacturing and assembly fit out. We leave nothing to chance.
  • Plant room tested and in house certified for delivery.

 Accelerated Assembly

  • Completed mods are weathered wrapped and transported to site for installation team skilled in modular assembly.
  • Minimised on-site work needed, assembly.
  • Mechanical mods are fabricated and assembled at our Kent based site.
  • Lean manufacturing allows for minimal disruption of the process and avoids complications of trade-by-trade divisions.
  • Quality, building regulation and industry standard compliance inspections allow completed mods to be certified prior to site delivery and final installation certification sign off.

Transport & Delivery

  • Finished mods are weather wrapped and delivered on-site to our installation team.


  • Installation time reduced by up to 50%

Political and regulatory.

There is now a renewed focus on accountability and safety in the new regulatory regime being introduced by government along with a firm commitment to 300,000 homes a year: Offsite construction factory methods can truly offer precision quality, speed and efficiency in a time of labour shortages, poor build quality and shoddy workmanship. The construction industry has an over-dependence on trade skills and poor productivity growth in relation to current demand.

 Economic and social pressures

The need for increased construction levels and greater productivity in delivery with an ever-decreasing construction workforce is a dilemma we face now. 7.3 million housing units are needed in the UK to create affordable market conditions. Combined with the increasing demand for net carbon governments targets this plays to the strengths of Modular offsite solutions.

 Technological advances

Advances in renewable and digital technologies, such as building information modelling (BIM), are delivering increasing efficiency and flexibility, creating manufacturing blueprints from architects’ designs. What has always been important to most clients is the end product of a building which meets employers’ requirements and building regulations and is delivered at the right time and the right price. The actual construction method is often of less concern.

 “There are now very good reasons why the client’s mind-set is changing”.


Safer Construction and Impact

  • The offsite manufacturing environment reduces the risks of accidents, potential to negate all Hot Work requirements, reduced managerial duties and related liabilities for workers on construction sites.
  • Up to 80% of construction occurs off-site, resulting in fewer deliveries and reduced neighbourhood impact.


  • Modular construction is a sustainable method which offers advantages in meeting higher BREEAM standards. The carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

Design Freedom

  • Our mechanical packaged and modulated systems are designed to offer a wide level of flexibility in dimensions, construction constraints whilst accommodating the integration of different technologies ensuring maximum performance. They are indistinguishable from their site-built counterparts.

Building Quality

  • Reina Group has well trained permanent employees and permanent quality control at the production line. Tolerances are very tight which reduces on-site work to a minimum.

Cost Optimisation

  • 98% Greater time and cost predictability. The forward planning and design benefits for manufacturing and assembly process includes the use of repetitive components makes it easy to calculate project timeline and cost.
  • A shorter construction schedule leads to lower costs of interest and site setup, plus an earlier revenue stream. Additional savings can be found in the professional fees and the economy of scale.
  • Time to Market. Projects can be completed up to 50% faster than Traditional construction

Value Creation

  • The production process empowers us to enhance the products performance whilst optimising costs at the same time.

 Time Certainty.

  • Mechanical projects can be completed quickly, are less vulnerable to weather-related delays, on site theft, damage.
  • Key factor in success of an off-site project and therefore of reaping these benefits is the programming of the manufacturing and site delivery. With our mechanical assemblers ready to receive and fix in a just-in-time process.

 Wasted time and resources

  • Large construction projects can take up to 20% longer to finish than scheduled and up to 80% over budget.

Construction Waste

  • Conventional construction generates 15% more material waste on a typical project.


  • Modular mechanical results in up to 75% fewer vehicle movements during the construction phase. Coupled with shorter installation times, this can prove to be a major factor in projects gaining entitlement approvals.

Growing Labour crisis

  • In one survey 91% contractors, CM’s builders and trade contractors reported having difficult time finding skilled workers.

“Off-site becomes even more of an opportunity to mitigate some of the challenges we have with projects like labour shortages, cost overruns and safety issues”.

 For further information or if you require an estimate for any of the above services, please do not hesitate in contacting the Reina Group Commercial team on or 01303 248648


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