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We have designed an Instant Heat Pump Quote Tool to make things easy for you when calculating costs for a heat pump.  If you are looking for an instant price for a Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump look no further.  In 8 easy steps you can obtain an indicative quote detailing how much your heat pump installation will be.  We have also calculated your cost deducting the Government’s Grant the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS),


Your Next Steps


⇒ Book a Survey To determine the exact funding that you can receive from the government and to determine which size heat pump is required for your property our technical surveyor will need to survey your property. Please refer to MCS Stage Payment 1.


⇒ Your Property SurveyTo comply with MCS regulations and the government funding criteria our technical surveyor will undertake a comprehensive room by room MCS 3005 Heat Loss and property survey. This can take between 1-2 hours. The purpose is to determine:

  • Exact overall heat demand of property.
  • Room by room heat loss calculations for sizes and room types.
  • Review all existing underfloor heating or radiator emitters.
  • Review all existing Pipe sizes to ensure compatibility.
  • Review Hot water demand, sizing, and suitability of your existing system.
  • Review of location for mechanical plant required.
  • Evaluate all wall, floor and roof insulation, windows, and door types.
  • Review current EPC to ensure criteria for funding.


⇒ The MCS Heat Loss CalculationsOnce our technical surveyor has captured all the necessary information from your property and the EPC, we will then undertake the mandatory MCS 3005 Heat Loss Calculations in accordance with the MCS certification and funding criteria.


⇒ Your MCS Heat Loss & MCS QuotationWe will email your MCS heat loss calculations and your MCS quotation within 10 working days for you to review and allow you time to consider your options. We will then contact you to discuss further to help you decide. We can provide customer references whom you can speak with. We want you to be happy and fully understand the process.


⇒ Book Your InstallationOnce you are happy to proceed, we will then book your installation date which is convenient for you. Please refer to MCS Stage Payment 2.


⇒ Pre – Installation SurveyWe want to ensure that our customers have the best installation experience with little disruption. Our installation team will undertake a pre-installation survey a minimum of 2 weeks prior to you installation. We discuss the whole installation procedure and what to expect. Please refer to MCS Stage Payment 2.


⇒ InstallationYou can expect a friendly experience with a high-quality installation. We are the leading Low Carbon heat pump installation company and have installed over 1000 systems since 2003. Quality and customer expectations are our highest priority. Please refer to MCS Stage Payment 2.


⇒ CommissioningOnce your heat pump installation is complete, our engineers set the system parameters to our specification design and in line with the manufactures technical recommendations to maximise the systems efficiency. Please refer to MCS Stage Payment 2.


⇒ HandoverWhen our engineers are happy and you are happy, they will then show you how to use the heating and hot water controls, provide you with an overview of the system and answer any question that you may have. Please refer to MCS Stage Payment 2.


⇒ Post – Installation Quality SurveyFor quality assurance purposes within 2 weeks of the completion of your installation our engineer who completed the pre-install survey will revisit you. This is to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with the controls, answer any questions and check the installation against our expected high-quality standards.


We take care of this for you. You will receive an automated email reminding you when your heat pump service is due. It is important that your heat pump is serviced annually to ensure that system efficiency is maintained to provide the continuous financial benefits of the low running costs.


The Reina Group charges a basic holding fee of £125 + VAT to cover the cost of the mandatory MCS 3005 Heat Loss, property survey and funding eligibility checks. We do reimburse this cost to you by deducting it from your final installation payment. We will send you the Full MCS 3005 Heat Loss calculations document for your property.


The following payment structure is mandatory to all installation companies under the MCS and funding requirements.

Stage Payment A

When accepting the MCS quotation and to reserve your installation please send the initial 25% payment with your order Confirmation. This initial payment includes the costs of technical design work and the production of schematics, we will send you a copy upon request after receipt.

Stage Payment B

You will be invoiced a further 35% up to 3 weeks prior to delivery of the Heat Pump to your premises

Stage Payment C

You will be invoiced a further 25% upon commencement of mechanical services to your premises.

Stage Payment D

You will be invoiced the final 15% for the completion payment following final commissioning and handover of the system.

For more information on our heat pump solutions please contact us, either by email on or telephone on 01303 248648.

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