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Kensa Ground Source Heat Pumps – Aftercare and Servicing

Kensa is the UK’s market leading manufacturer of heat pumps, having pioneered the progression and adoption of heat pump technology for the UK market. This award-winning company works on the belief that everyone should benefit from sustainable, efficient and affordable heating, working with a number of different housing providers and installers to deliver market-leading systems throughout the country.

Based in Cornwall, Kensa manufactures the most extensive range of ground source heat pumps in the UK, all out of a highly successful, award-winning engineering facility.

Kensa heat pumps

Kensa is proud to be producing heat pumps for its customers from a UK-based manufacturing facility and sells more GSHP’s in the UK than anyone else primarily due to their range of single phase (240V) units. Most European models over 12kW are three phase which causes an issue in certain applications as most UK households are served by a 100Amp single phase supply, whereas Kensa units can offer a single phase unit up to 24kW which captures most domestic applications. Their UK base allows them to tailor-make each unit specifically for the British climate, providing hot water and heat throughout the year in the most efficient way possible.

Depending on the type of location, budget, and preference, Kensa can offer a wide array of ground source heat pumps designed to suit a variety of applications and specifications. All four of Kensa’s product ranges are based on the original Single Compact Range, launched back in 2007. The standard model can be upgraded to deliver water temperatures up to 65°C.

Kensa also manufactures the world’s smallest and quietest ground source heat pump, the Shoebox Heat Pump, which is intended to work well within new build housing developments. At the other end of the scale, the Commercial Plant Room Range is designed to meet all commercial heating needs, using a combination of modular ground source heat pumps to provide excellent flexibility in commercial situations.

Kensa heat pump aftercare from The Reina Group

Regularly servicing your heat pumps is essential to make sure that they maintain the highest possible efficiency standards, as well as ensuring that you continue to receive RHI payments; RHI tariffs have conditions which require heat pumps to be regularly maintained. Compared to other heating and cooling systems, Kensa heat pumps require very little ongoing maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forgo it altogether.

Don’t worry if we didn’t fit your heat pump. Here at The Reina Group we are happy to offer heat pump servicing, even if the heat pumps were not installed by us. Our expert, highly qualified staff are excellent at locating the source of any issues. All you have to do is give us a call to discuss your requirements.

For more details on our range of heat pump aftercare solutions please contact us, either by email or telephone on 01303 248648.

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