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When building your own home, planning & installing the correct heating system can sometimes be stressful and daunting, adopting the Reina Group method will ensure that a handholding process is implemented.  Our aim is to deliver a fluid and professional service, which will include invaluable expertise for all your heating and plumbing requirements.

The Reina Group has no limitations, whatever the build project’s size, style, shape and finish you want to achieve. We take your architect’s plans and produce a service and workmanship that exceeds expectations, with significant cost, time, health and environmental benefits for all.


As recognised leaders in design and installation for Sustainable heating systems it is our passion to ensure we find you the correct heating system for your new home.  We work with some of the leading heat pump suppliers which allows us to find the best heating system suited to your home.

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than conventional methods of heating your home.  They work most efficiently in a property that is almost ‘air tight’ with no draughts and with excellent insulation.

If you are looking to make home improvements to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills, heat pumps offer an excellent solution.  They are suitable for a large number of properties in the UK.  Homeowners who are not currently on mains gas will see the most benefit from heat pumps because of the lower cost of electricity compared to other fuels, such as oil or LPG.

Heating bills don’t have to be a fact of life! With a carefully planned home design we can substantially reduce your running costs from day one, saving enormous sums over the longer term. When combined with the right renewable energy resources you can effectively eliminate the carbon footprint of your building also.

We have a genuine passion for delivering high quality, high performance homes for our clients.  Throughout your time with us, we will work closely as part of your team to ensure our knowledge, expertise, technical support and passion is transferred to make sure you achieve your dream home.


Our main focus is understanding what the client want to achieve and to interpret their vision into a home that exceeds expectations.  Our friendly and professional approach infuses trust to our clients.

We do not underestimate the importance of communicating and working closely with the building contractors & architects, we ensure from the outset that we are present at the design stage offering valuable experience for all mechanical heating and plumbing solutions to safeguard that systems are installed as specified.

We review each project weekly which allows us a better measure on the remit and its progress to ensure we improve and overcome challenges and deliver great work consistently.


From conception & design to delivery and aftercare we adopt a hand holding process, guided by the client’s vision and the house they wish to build.

We offer design options in every circumstance including the beneficial use of Renewable Technologies to deliver all the heating and hot water you will need at a fraction of the price traditional systems cost to run. We source the best and most competitively priced materials available to ensure your home stands the test of time and takes care of you.

We have an experienced design team with comprehensive knowledge of all heating and plumbing systems.  All our engineers are fully qualified, and we have a comprehensive training programme to ensure we are familiar with the latest products and stay ahead of the game.  We have all the necessary accreditations in place to ensure a smooth introduction onto site when the project starts.

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"Understanding how our customers want to work is as important as knowing what they want to build!"

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