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Heat Pump Installations in Battle, East Sussex

With over ten years experience, the Reina Group are one of the industry leaders in heat pump installation in the South East area, including Battle. Our services provide extremely efficient heat pump installation to customers in a range of sectors, including; domestic, rural, commercial, public sector and community projects.

Our pumps are MCS accredited, which demonstrates our commitment to not only saving you money on your heating bills, but also helping you lower your carbon footprint and making you eligible for government grants in doing so. Whilst each of our systems do require energy to run, our heat pumps are optimised to generate more heat energy than required to run them.

Ground source and air source are our two options when it comes to MCS heat pump installation. The air source system extracts heat from the atmosphere and connects to your radiator or underfloor heating system. They look like air conditioning units, but usually sit outside the property adjacent to a back or side wall.

The other main type of pump is the ground source system, which takes heat from the ground via pipes which are laid to suit how much space is available in the home. An ‘open loop’ system is another option with this system, which uses natural warmth of groundwater by pumping water out of the ground, passing it through a heat exchanger and returning it.

If you are looking for heat pump installation in Battle or have any further questions then contact us on 01303 248648. We would be happy to help.

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