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MCS Heat Pump Installations In Bracknell

If you are looking for heat pump installation in Bracknell, The Reina Group, based in Folkestone, offers an installation service to the whole of Surrey and are MCS approved. MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme, it is a quality assurance scheme that gives consumers peace of mind, knowing that we consistently supply and install heat pumps to the highest quality. It also ensures that there is protection in place should anything go wrong.

MCS heat pumps are more energy efficient than most conventional methods of heating buildings.  They are carbon neutral; electricity is needed to operate the pump systems, but they generate more heat than they require to run. Using an MCS heat pump to provide space heating in your home can lower your energy bills and carbon footprint, whilst improving home energy efficiency. There are two types of heat pump systems that we install: ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground through liquid-filled pipes. The source is renewable because the heat’s ultimate source is the sun. Typically, the ground source heat pumps cost between £9,000 and £17,000.  Air source heat pumps work by extracting warmth from the atmosphere. They are fitted outside to access unrestricted airflow. Inside the unit is a fan that draws air in which then evaporates into gas. A typical air source heat pump costs between £6,000 and £10,000.  Both systems generate heat using a system very similar to that used in a refrigerator, except in reverse.

Installing an MCS heat pump system in your Bracknell home may save you money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions when you are replacing electric, oil, LPG or coal heating systems. The running costs will depend on the size of your property, how well insulated your property is and your heating pattern. We will conduct a full survey at your property and suggest the best system for your needs.

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