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Heat Pump Installations in Dartford

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly method of space heating and hot water generation.  Choosing to install a heat pump system in your property can reduce your carbon footprint and possibly reduce your energy bills, particularly if you are replacing electric heating.  The Reina Group provide heat pump installation in Dartford.  We are a Kent-based business, accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme to install heat pumps.  If you install a heat pump in your home, you could be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.  Two of the criteria for this include choosing an MCS heat pump and MCS installation engineers.

There are two types of MCS heat pumps that the Reina Group supply and install.  These are air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.  Both are green heating options because aside from using a small amount of electricity to operate the source of the heat is renewable; MCS heat pumps generate more energy than they require to run.  Air source heat pumps are installed outside the home and use a fan to draw atmospheric air into the unit.  The ambient warmth in the air heats up fluid in a coil.  Hot water for your wet central heating system and hot water is generated by a compressor and heat exchange unit.  A ground source heat pump works in a similar manner.  The small coil inside the unit is replaced by a large coil of tubing that is buried underground, either in trenches or a borehole.  The amount of tubing needed will depend on the size of your property.  The fluid circulating within the tubing absorbs the warmth in the soil.

If you are considering heat pump installation in your property in Dartford, the Reina Group are here to assist.  We can design a heat pump system to suit your requirements, and suggest the best type of heat pump for your needs.

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