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Published: 28/04/2015

25k Homes Now Signed Up For Domestic RHI

In mid-March the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced that RHI accreditations had reached a milestone 25,000. These homes across England, Scotland and Wales now benefit from lower energy bills and warmer homes yet they’re reducing their emissions and helping the planet. It’s a win-win situation.

The Domestic RHI was launched a year ago, in April 2014. It’s the first scheme of its kind in the world and encourages homeowners, social and private landlords, and people who build their own homes to install renewable heating technologies such as heat pumps.

To have 25,000 homes accredited suggests the scheme has been a great success so far. Many people understand the benefits of installing renewable heating but the cost can be offputting. Knowing that you could recoup the costs via RHI payments has a huge impact on consumers’ buying decisions. The Reina Group designs and installs heat pump systems. We have devised an RHI calculator so you can see how much you could receive if you install a heat pump system in your home.

Amber Rudd MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Climate Change said:

“We have seen an enthusiastic response to our world-first Renewable Heat Incentive. It’s very encouraging that in only a number of months 25,000 people have already taken up the incentive – proving that installing renewable heating can be a real, everyday choice for people’s homes.

“I now want to see even more energy consumers taking advantage of this opportunity. DECC will be hosting several road shows in March – and I would urge everyone to find out which technologies could help you to bring down bills.”

“The RHI aims to help to kick start the renewable heat market, to make it attractive to investment from businesses as well as individuals, so they can enjoy the benefits of renewable heating in terms of having warmer premises or homes, lower bills and reducing their emissions.”

Use our RHI calculator now to see how much you could receive.