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Published: 13/08/2020

Another great Heat Pump Job!

We love it when a client gives us great feedback.  We carried out an installation of a Nibe, Air Source Heat Pump in Doddington, Kent and the client wrote to us about his experience with the Reina Group and how economic his new heating system is.

“Thought you might like to know how satisfied we have been with our heat pump. We’ve now been living in the house for 18 months, so have had a full years’ worth of heating and hot water.

1st July 2019 to 31st July 2020 the energy usage by the heat pump has been about 4400 kwh, which is slightly less than the predicted usage I’d calculated using your MCS heat pump calculator v1_1 (it predicted 4515 kwh total).

It’s not really possible to do a straight comparison from before and after the heat pump as we’ve also refurbished the house and installed a lot of insulation everywhere. However, our heating and hot water bills have dramatically reduced. In the past we were spending >£1300 / yr on LPG gas, plus another £1000 for electricity for lighting, cooking, and space heaters. Our total electricity bill for this past 12 months was £1088. We also have solar panels installed, so these will have saved us more on our electricity bills.

On top of the very large reduction in running costs our house is significantly warmer and more comfortable than it used to be. The heat pump has worked very well and it is great to not have the large LPG gas tank sitting in our drive anymore. The heat pump is small enough, quiet, and out of the way.

Overall we are very satisfied. Thanks for your hard work getting it all installed and running”.