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Published: 12/04/2022

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) – Register Now!

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will offer an upfront £5000, or £6000 government voucher given to households to help towards the capital costs of installing clean renewable heat from low carbon technologies such as heat pumps. The scheme will run for 3 years starting April 2022, and the government has set aside a budget of £450 million under this scheme.

Funding is currently limited to £450m which means only 90,000 households can claim £5,000 over the next 3 years. This is on a first come first served basis. Eligibility and criteria are the same as the RHI with regards to your properties EPC and insulation.

Under the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme you would receive an upfront voucher,  £5000 for an Air Source Heat Pump or £6000 for a Ground Source Heat Pump.

Who can access the (BUS) Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

Almost anyone who owns an existing home with a boiler should be able to apply for the £5000 or £6000 voucher. New build homes or social housing is not included in this scheme. There is another scheme for Social Housing customers called Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

How will the new (BUS) Boiler Upgrade Scheme be delivered?

There will be a voucher-based delivery mechanism led by the installer for grant application and redemption. This will be managed by an independent scheme administrator. Vouchers will have a set validity period to ensure they are utilised in a timely manner and that unused vouchers can be recycled.

How the scheme will work?

Your installer will apply for the grant on your behalf. The value of the grant will be discounted off the price you pay.

  1. The installer that you choose to carry out your heat pump installation needs to be a registered MCS Installer.  You can check your local MCS installers here Find a Contractor – MCS (
  2. The installer advises you on whether an installation is eligible for a grant.
  3. You agree a quote for the installation.
  4. The installer applies for the grant.
  5. You confirm that the installer is acting on your behalf when you’re contacted by Ofgem

If you have any questions or want to apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) please contact us on 01303 248648 or email  You can price your Heat Pump installation in 7 easy steps with our Instant HP Quote here.