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Client - Private Client – Ocean Mist

Private Client – Ocean Mist
Ocean Mist, Hythe, Kent

Visiting Ocean Mist was an absolute delight, a modern 5 bedroomed family detached modern house built 10 years ago, maintained and groomed to a very high standard.
With an existing gas boiler not working efficiently and ongoing issues with water pressure from a tank fed system the client started looking into a renewable heating solution, with a vision for a more contemporary, environmentally friendly method of heating his home.
The house already has PV Solar panels to help supplement the hot water which our client had invested in previously, and so far, had experienced a positive feedback. He was keen to look at renewable heating having had a background of dealing with eco-friendly products and reading about the future of sustainable influences and products in the market.
His website research led him to the Reina Group, being a local design & installation company with a proven track record in both air & ground source Heat Pumps. His first impression with the Reina Group was a positive one with a meeting arranged on the same day of his first enquiry. The client already had a little understanding of heat pumps but was encouraged about the Reina Group’s in-depth knowledge and experience of heat pumps. “It was all about finding the right system and the right company who were offering a competitive price” commented the client.


Our engineers arrived on site in August and with very little disruption, took out the existing boiler before installing the new Nibe F2040 12kW Heat Pump, taking only a week from start to finish. The client remarked that it was a seamless operation and how courteous, tidy and professional our engineers were throughout the installation.
The heat pump unit is fixed onto the rear wall of the property and does not ruin the aesthetic image of the maintained patio and garden area. There was a soft hum coming from the unit which was no noisier than a fridge which cannot be heard if you were sitting out in the garden area. The SMO 20 control panel for the Nibe heat pump was housed in a small downstairs cupboard, neatly installed, together with all the house, alarm controls & electrical circuit boards. The large cylinder is accommodated into a narrow cupboard in one of the bedrooms, completely out of sight and not impacting on any of the living space.
The Solar PV array was left connected to supplement the HW demand through an Immersun solar power diverter, heating the water through the cylinder’s immersion.


Since the installation of the heat pump the house is kept to a nice comfortable temperature of 21° throughout the day. The house boasts a large open plan kitchen/living area, with a large lounge off the entrance hall, with heat generated from the underfloor heating.
Upstairs is kept at a perfect temperature with radiators in all bedrooms. The client is now reaping the benefits of living in an energy efficient home and getting used to this lifestyle change, living with a comfortable temperature all the time instead of surges of heat twice daily, when the heating came
on, with his old system. In addition the client installed an electric towel rail in the bathroom upstairs to dry damp towels which is a great solution for this purpose.
The client has calculated his usage of electricity with the new Heat Pump system, with his initial findings from Sept – Oct using only £5.30 of electricity daily for the whole house. He estimates a figure of £1600 a year, a huge saving from his existing utility bills.
The client is taking full advantage of the RHI, government incentive scheme available to homeowners installing renewable energy heating systems. An online application whereby our team guides the client through, to ensure clarity and completion without any stress.
The client estimates that on the figures he has collected so far, he expects to have recovered his initial installation costs within 6 years.