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Published: 27/03/2020

Customer’s feedback, to be proud of

We are delighted to receive glowing feedback from a customer who has recently had a Daikin Air Source Heat Pump installed. The client’s wish was to replace his old gas boiler to a renewable heating system.  With the Reina’s seamless and hand holding Heat Pump installatioin process we have another happy customer!

We are absolutely loving the new system. It is everything we had hoped it would be! And we don’t even have all the radiators installed yet! 

Thank you, your guys were absolutely terrific. They worked really hard, were polite, and very tidy – just a joy to have in the house.

I particularly loved their attention to detail. I happened to see one of the younger lads (Connor or Josh, I am afraid I can’t remember which) frowning at one of the radiators he had just installed. I asked why and he pointed out that there was a couple of mm drop between the windowsill and the radiator along its length (because the house is old and doesn’t have straight lines). He commented that he had been trained by someone who instilled in him a desire for perfection and that his former teacher ‘wouldn’t be happy with that!’. I had to laugh. It was such a minor thing that I could easily have spent the next 20 years living in the house and not noticing it. It was great to see such diligence. It is rare to have people proud of their craft nowadays.  

Steve in particular was exceptional. Having him come to the house the day before the lads turned up was absolutely inspired, and meant that he sussed out all the complexities of the job before they arrived so that they got straight to work. He also identified a bunch of things that we had not seen on the initial survey (because he was able to go into even more depth), such as using the water supply from the back garden rather than having to run pipework from the kitchen to the back of the garage. That alone saved us a huge amount of disruption. He was a star.

Choosing a heat pump to provide your heating and hot water, not only protects our environment, the renewable way, but it is providing an excellent cost-effective heating solution for homeowners. We are as a company accelerating in this exciting new industry and are now considered a leading design and installer in the South East. For more information on heat pump technology please follow this link. Heat Pumps, or call our Sales Department on 01303 248648.