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Published: 19/05/2022

Do I need new Radiators when I have a Heat Pump installed?


Do I have to have new radiators if the Reina Group recommends them?  No, it is not mandatory to either install new or upgrade your existing radiators in your property, even if that is our recommendation.  However, if we have recommended them, it is to maximise the output and full benefits of your new heat pump and hot water.  It is to ensure that all individual rooms reach the desired design temperatures as set out in our MCS heat loss calculations, BSEN Standards and Building Regulations.

 Will the Reina Group install a radiator where I don’t currently have one?  Yes, but please discuss this at the time of the survey so that any cost can be factored into your quote

What brand of radiators does the Reina Group use?  Our preference is for Stelrad Compact radiators but we can work with other radiators, if you have something specific in mind

What’s included with the radiators? You’ll receive brand new Stelrad radiators, plus new valves including a Thermostatic Radiator Valve.  Our price includes the labour to fit the radiators

Is VAT included?  The VAT on the installation of a renewable heating system is currently at 0%.  If you have your radiators installed by the Reina Group at the same time as your heat pump, then you will pay no VAT on the radiators.  If you have your radiators installed after the heat pump or by a 3rd party, you may have to pay VAT

How will the Reina Group know which radiators need to be changed?  The Heat Loss Survey will enable us to assess which radiators will need changing

I’ve been told that replacing radiators can be a messy process, is that true?  Our professional installers are careful to minimise any mess, including stopping radiator sludge from going on carpets & floors

My radiator pipes are under concrete, would the Reina Group still be able to install new radiators?  We may need to adjust the pipework between the floor and the radiator, but this price is included in your quotation

Will having new radiators mean that the install takes longer?  Yes, but we will give you a full schedule so that you know how long it will take

Why do I need bigger radiators with a heat pump?  A heat pump works in a different way to traditional heating systems as it provides low flow temperatures.  As such, the heat emitting surface area of the radiator has to be bigger

I have heard that I have to have underfloor heating with a heat pump?  You don’t need underfloor heating as heat pumps can work perfectly well with radiators.  Underfloor heating is often recommended on new-build houses where a heat pump is installed at the beginning of the build

Will the Reina Group install underfloor heating?  We would install underfloor heating as part of a heat pump install on a new-build project.  We would not be able to fit underfloor heating on a retro-fit project where an existing heating system & radiators are already in place