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Published: 30/03/2021

Green Homes Grant Scheme no longer available

A letter from Green Homes Grant Scheme Team.

Dear all, 

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has taken the decision that the Green Home Grant Voucher scheme will cease taking new applications from 5pm on 31st March. We will refocus efforts and funding on an alternative approach to maximise the delivery of home retrofits and benefits to consumers and businesses.  

I want to reassure you that all valid applications received up to 5pm on 31st March will be processed and vouchers in the system will continue to be issued, meaning that the delivery of installations on the ground will continue over the coming months, supporting jobs in the industry and delivering much needed upgrades to households. All installers who complete installations as per the terms of the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme will continue to be paid, following the process laid out in the scheme rules. We may allow vouchers that are already issued to be extended to a date that will provide a reasonable window for installations to be completed. 

We have made some encouraging progress. To date, we have had over 98,000 applications and over 40,000 vouchers issued and have continuously listened to your feedback to improve the scheme. 

However, it is important to recognise that there have been some challenges as well. The Green Homes Grant voucher scheme, while recognised by many as an important initiative, has not been delivering at the rate and scale we had originally hoped. It has faced a number of delivery challenges, exacerbated by the understandable impact of the Covid pandemic. 

The Government’s commitment to sustainably growing the supply chain and investing in decarbonising our buildings remains unwavering. To ensure we continue to support a thriving building retrofit industry, the Government will be expanding its funding commitment for both the Local Authority Delivery element of the Green Homes Grant scheme and the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund with up to £300m in additional funding, with delivery continuing through 2022/23. 

The Local Authority Delivery element of the scheme has already successfully allocated £500 million of funding across the English regions, to support retrofit measures such as energy efficiency and low carbon heating in around 50,000 low-income households.   

In addition to the success of the Local Authority Delivery element of the Green Homes Grant scheme, we have seen an extremely positive response to the initial Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator, which is currently delivering 19 projects across England and Scotland, delivering whole house retrofits to over 2,300 social homes, showcasing innovation in process and technology.  We will build on this success by increasing the size of the first tranche of funding for the main Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.   

The Local Authority Delivery scheme and the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund will require many of the same skills and training as the Green Home Grant Scheme. Investing in these skills and training remains a key priority for us, following the Government investment of £6.9 million in skills training for this industry in December 2020 which is ongoing. This is also why the Government is investing £2.5 billion in a National Skills Fund, helping to support hundreds of thousands of green jobs over the next decade. This approach will help us support a thriving retrofit industry to ensure we build back better after the pandemic and continue to deliver on our Net Zero ambitions.   

I would like to thank you for your patience and perseverance with the scheme, and for the time and energy you have invested engaging with it and in helping to improve it. We look forward to continuing to work with you through this period. 

If you have any further questions, regarding your customers applications and/or vouchers please contact us on either freephone 0300 131 0053 or at

Yours faithfully, 

Green Homes Grant Voucher Team