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Published: 17/10/2018

Heat Pump cuts Energy Bills in Static Home

Owners of a two-bedroom park home on Canvey Island, Essex, replaced an antiquated electric boiler with a renewable heating system installing a Daikin air source heat pump, cutting their energy costs by more than 40% and saving around £65 a month. In addition, Mr and Mrs Belcher will receive approximately £600 a year from the Government’s RHI (Renewable Heat incentive) available to homeowners opting for renewable heating.

The owners moved from their home of 36 years in Barkingside to Kings Park Village, a 70-acre secure gated community for over 50s which accommodates 750 owner-occupied homes.

The existing heating system was problematic and after the Belchers were woken at 2am one night, when the circuit board to their electric boiler failed, with the system blowing out hot water, they decided to update their current heating system.

Several other residents had heat pumps fitted, so Mr Belcher contacted the Reina Group for a valuation. The park homes are off gas, so the obvious heating solution was a renewable heat pump.  Sound levels and space were key in our recommendation, so the Daikin Altherma seemed the obvious choice.

“The Daikin Altherma Monobloc is a brilliant solution for homes at King Park Village and similar estates where homes are relatively close together. The outdoor unit has all the components needed for the heating water circuit and it’s very quick and easy to install”.  Says Peter Graham, Director of Heat Pumps at the Reina Group.

The 5kW Daikin Altherma Monobloc heat pump delivers a flow temperature of 45oC, to suit the calculated space heating load of 3.5kW and heat loss of 44W/m2.  With increased insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling, the system enables the owners to enjoy year-round economical indoor comfort at 23oC.

Daikin’s easy-to-use wall-mounted controller allows a homeowner to adjust radiator and hot water temperatures and schedule on/off times for maximum comfort and economy. A boost function accommodates additional hot water demand. Normally, DHW is heated during off-peak periods (for Economy 7 and 10 customers) or during the day for others. For bacteria control, the system automatically raises the DHW to 60oC once a week.