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Published: 29/03/2017

Heat Pump Installation of the Month!

The Reina Group are coming to the end of a very impressive heat pump project.

A complex installation of a complete air source heat pump system, in a private residence showing a great deal of engineering workmanship.

The property is a 4 bedroom new build set in a rural location in East Sussex. The Reina Group recommended an 8kW NIBE F2040 air source heat pump with underfloor heating throughout.

The 200m² new build property had a full MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme – which is a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme available to homeowners) heat loss calculation performed in-house to precisely determine size of unit. The project took 2 weeks from start to finish with 13 UFH zones and 1400m pipe laid with a flow temperature of 45 °C. (See UFH manifolds in Picture 1).  The client requested a 300 litre insulated cylinder as shown in Picture 2.

NIBE heat pumps are considered one of the most efficient and cost effective  ASHP’s on the market.  Ideal for installation into either new build or refurbishment projects with this type of emitter.

The Reina Group install and offer a wide range of heat pump products including systems designed by Thermia, Danfoss, Daikin, NIBE, Vallient, Stiebel, Kensa and Mitsubishi.  To speak to one of our specialist please call 01303 248686.

Our philosophy is to obtain a sustainable future so we would like to encourage homeowners to choose a renewable energy system when considering home improvements.  If you change your current heating system to an Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump it will have an impact on the environment reducing a greater dependence on non-renewable energy.   Heat pump systems can also help reduce your energy bills by 50%, a considerable saving, and there are government financial incentives to assist with the cost.