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Published: 16/01/2024

Heat Pumps have just got hotter!!

A new breed of heat pumps is emerging. Engineers have gradually improved the technology, meaning that heat pumps are now able to supply much higher temperatures.

Today’s gas combi boilers are typically designed for flow temperatures of around 50-60C which means that Heat Pumps are now an even closer competitor to conventional heating methods.

Heat Pump technology?

A major change has been the rise of new refrigerants, including R290, or propane. This is the fluid that circulates inside a heat pump. In an air source device, the refrigerant captures warmth from the outside air, even on cold days. By compressing the slightly warmed refrigerant, the heat pump is able to increase the temperature and then transfer that heat into a property.

R290 is more environmentally friendly than older refrigerants so leaks are not as potentially damaging in climate change terms. Plus, it is up to 34% more efficient, which helps heat pumps achieve higher temperatures without incurring severe efficiency losses. Read the BBC’s articles Will hotter heat pumps win over homeowners? – BBC News.

Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener

“It’s a no brainer for every new home now to have a heat pump installed, it’s the only way of achieving net zero by 2050” says Ricky Reina

The Government have set out a strategy which sets out policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to meet a net zero target by 2050.  A part of this is the hope that our homes are warm and comfortable, powered and heated by clean, affordable energy.  The Government have thus introduced the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, whereby homeowners can apply for a grant of £7,500 to cover part of the cost of replacing fossil fuel heating systems with a heat pump.

But more can be done, as around 72,000 heat pumps were installed in the UK last year – a far cry from the 600,000 per year target set by the government.  The UK was recently ranked 20th out of 21 European nations in the renewable energy race!  So, UK homeowners have a long way to go to achieve this.

Reina the No.1 Heat Pump Installers

We are at the forefront of renewable heat pump installation in Kent & heat pump installation in the South East, including London and have over 20 years of renewable heating & plumbing experience.  We are approved MCS heat pump installers in Kent, which give greater consumer protection and allows our heat pump installations to be eligible for government grants.  As well as….

  • We have installed 1000+ heat pump installations in Kent.
  • We are passionate about reducing the carbon footprint.
  • We have highly skilled professional heat pump engineers.
  • We send indicative quotes almost immediately, using our state-of-the-art software.
  • We provide excellent Heat Pump support for our installations.
  • Our highly skilled engineers are professional, experienced, and courteous.
  • Our dynamic team have great vision and offer value engineering solutions.

We offer approved heat pump installation services relating to the industry’s leading manufacturers, for both Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps. This includes brands such as Thermia, Daikin, Nibe, Vaillant, Stiebel Eltron, Kensa, and Mitsubishi

Why install a heat pump?

Heat Pumps have many advantages over more traditional technologies, the main ones being:

  • Cost efficiencies – Heat Pumps bring savings on current and future fuel costs because they are much more efficient than the traditional alternatives. The latest technology for traditional oil, gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) boilers can only return a maximum of 90% efficiency. A heat pump on the other hand can return efficiencies up to 400%.
  • Boiler Upgrade Scheme – The Boiler Upgrade Schemeoffers an upfront £7,500 government voucher given to households to help towards the capital costs of installing clean renewable heat from low carbon technologies such as heat pumps.
  • Environmental – By using natural energy from the air or ground, Heat Pumps produce only a fraction of the CO2 emissions of traditional technologies, hence the reason the Government is so anxious to promote them. 
Additionally, in the case of oil, there can be significant environmental pollution in the case of a spillage or leak.
  • Safety – Heat Pumps eliminate the risk of gas explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. Traditional oil and gas boilers have to operate at very high water temperatures. This carries with it the risk of burns or scalding from hot water or radiators, especially where young children are around. Heat Pumps are able to operate at much lower, and hence safer, water temperatures. This lower temperature operation also improves system efficiencies.

Our specialist knowledge of heat pump systems and Solar Panels will give you the best result for your home.  Save up to 70% on your energy costs future proof your home and reduce your carbon footprint with Reina.  How much does a Heat Pump cost? For more details call 01303 248648 or email