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Published: 12/03/2019

Helping to restore and open the Margate Caves

The Reina Group have recently started work on Margate Caves, installing a renewable heating system and underfloor heating.  Working with Breen Construction to restore a historic town attraction to its former glory, designed by award-winning, Kent based architects Kaner Olette.

The caves originally opened to the public in 1863, known as Vortigem’s Cavern.  A local artist, Brazier created carvings and paint scenes on the walls, depicting hunting scenes, religious etchings and silhouettes of animals.  The caves and taverns were a source of interest for many years until they became unsafe and closed.

It is with thanks to The Margate Caves Community Education Trust (TMCCET) and the Friends of Margate Caves who have worked collectively to fund the restoration of the Caves which will include building a new cutting-edge Visitors Centre.

This once neglected and forgotten historic beauty is now undergoing a much-needed facelift and will be open in 2019 and will once again provide a unique attraction to the public.  The hope is that the centre will work with local schools and groups to help educate young people on the history and art of these unusual Victorian passages.

The Reina Group are installing a Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump into the new visitor’s centre which will generate heating and hot water by way of renewable energy.  Heat is solely generated by air and doesn’t use fossil fuels such as gas or oil, so not impacting onto the environment.  Underfloor heating will be laid with all heat created from the floor giving the centre a constant and efficient heat.

The new building will not only serve as a café and shop but will house a high-quality interpretive centre exploring the cultural heritage of the caves as well as the area’s rich geological assets and unique coastline. With its many uses this venue ultimately will be a hub for bringing the community together.