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Published: 12/08/2013

How Efficient Are Heat Pumps – Heat Pump Efficiency

Here at the Reina Group we have long been singing the praises of heat pump technology and have always said that the secret of a successful installation is in the detail. If the design is carried out correctly, which is now dictated by MCS (microgeneration certification scheme) guidelines, and the heat pump engineers are experienced in the installation, then heat pumps should provide a highly efficient means of heating a house as they have done for over 40 yrs in Scandinavia. However, in the early years not all heat pumps in the UK were correctly installed but now an in depth study by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has been published that shows how efficient heat pumps can be in the UK if designed & installed correctly. (see link below)

Interest in heat pumps, particularly in rural areas, has soared since the confirmation of the RHI (renewable heat incentive) tariffs announced by the Government on the12th of July  this year.
As long as basic eligibility criteria are met, (250mm of loft insulation & filled cavity walls), then one could expect savings & income in the region of £1,350.00 & £3,000.00 a year on the installation of air source or ground source heat pumps respectively.

These figures are based on a standard four bed property with electric storage heating and with either type of heat pump having a SPF (seasonal performance factor) that equates to H4 on the heat emitter guide

For a more in depth insight into this study and further information on the RHI or DECC’s (dept of energy & climate change) then follow this link  (link no longer exists) or call MCS approved Reina Group

Take a look at our heat pumps guide for further information.