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Published: 11/02/2015

How Using Renewable Heat Is Good For Our World

There are a number of schemes and products available to benefit both you, the user and the world around us. But before taking a look at the incentives out there, let’s first get an understanding of what renewable heat is, and how it benefits the world around us.

What is renewable heat?

Renewable heat is warmth that has been produced using energy that we can’t run out of, unlike burning fossil fuels (such as gas), which are a finite source. For example, warmth from the air can be used to provide space heating using air source heat pumps and warmth within the ground can be used to heat your home via a ground source heat pump.

Other examples of renewable heat are geothermal and solar heating. This heat is naturally replaced by the Sun’s energy so it’s is renewable. By using renewable heat, you are making use of secure, local resources and reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy.

How eco friendly heating benefits our world

By using renewable heating methods, you will be producing less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It also creates new jobs in renewable energy industries. Not only that, but it also prevents unnecessary use of scarce fuel like coal and other fossil fuels. Here at Reina, we offer a heat pump installation service, which is approved by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). These heat pumps use renewable energy to produce heat, producing little noise, requiring very little electricity to run (which you could choose to buy from a green energy supplier) and only take up about as much room as a fridge.

How it’s beneficial for you

Using renewable energy may entitle you to receive money from government run schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is available to encourage more people to invest in renewable heat technologies. So if for example, you had one of our heat pumps installed you could become eligible for the RHI. Take a look at our Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator Tool to see how much money you could get.

Heat pumps require little maintenance and low running costs. So it could save you a lot of both time and money, especially on your energy bills. Also, with our heat pumps you’ll be receiving more energy than what is required for them to run, providing excellent value for money. Renewable heat just goes hand in hand with energy efficiency.

What you do to make your home even more energy efficient

If you want to become less dependent on non-renewable energy, and would like to keep your home energy efficient, we’d suggest investing in insulation, draught proofing and double glazing wherever possible. It might even be worth looking at changing your lighting and appliances to save on your electricity bills. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment whilst also saving money on energy bills.

Why don’t you take a look at the heat pumps available? Let us know how your RHI calculation goes. If you need any further help in understanding what renewable heat is all about, we’d be more than happy to help.