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Published: 26/01/2022

Look after your Heat Pump and it will look after you!

During these cold months, icy mornings, and chilly evenings you want to ensure that your Heat Pump is working efficiently; providing enough hot water and achieving a nice warm ambient temperature in your home.  To ensure maximum efficiency of your heat pump we highly recommend a yearly service.  Learn more about our Servicing and Maintenance.

Although Heat Pumps require little maintenance compared to many other heating systems, it is important that they are regularly serviced. This will maintain greater efficiency and ensure maximum manufacturer warrantee periods.

At the Reina Group we provide a streamline and professional service and aftercare package. Give yourself confidence that your Reina Heat Pump installation can be looked after in years to come.  For complete peace of mind, we will automatically contact you to book in your annual yearly service.

Service requirements are dependent on the type of heat pump installed. Air Source Heat Pumps may look like there is little to maintain, but there are many things to check to ensure the Heat Pump performs optimally.

Our highly trained engineers will service your Heat Pump in accordance with the Heat Pump manufacturer’s service criteria and in addition answer any questions you may have with your Heat Pump. As part of your service we will check the particle filter, suitable anti-freeze protection, level vessel check, expansion vessel check, brine temperatures.  An annual service will ensure your Heat Pump is running to its maximum efficiency and reduce the likelihood of failure.

For more details about installation of Air Source Heat Pumps or a Ground Source Heat Pumps.   Look at our case studies which shows that HPs can be installed in all types of properties new or old.

Please note that servicing and aftercare is provided only on Heat Pumps installed by Reina Group.  For more information on our heat pump solutions please contact us, either by email on or telephone on 01303 248648.