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Published: 17/07/2012

Micropower Council on track to launch domestic RHI Consultation in September 2012.

Gregory Barker the Minister of State for Climate Change, delivers speech to the Micropower Council confirming that they are on track to launch the domestic RHI Consultation in September 2012 and have the Green Deal framework in place by October 2012.

The Minister confirmed within his speech “The Green Deal will help bill payers make energy saving improvements to keep their homes warm and cosy. With the Green Deal people will be able to pay for some or all of the work done with expected savings on energy bills. The Green Deal will open up the energy market. It will unlock unprecedented choice for consumers and it will empower small and medium sized enterprises – the engine of our economy – to enter and to innovate. The Green Deal will be a massive opportunity for businesses of all sizes. One of my priorities is to see the smaller businesses get a slice of the action too”
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