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Published: 29/02/2016

Ricky Reina – Proud Owner of Two World Records

Saturday morning, 27th Feb at the Kings School recreation centre was “a Buzz” with excitment and anticipation as the clock slowly ticked down and the metres racked up. Would Ricky & John break the million metre record, how much longer would the adrenaline pump to see them break the longest continual row. All these questions and more were being asked as people piled in to offer their support. I heard someone say how tired they felt but in the same breath mention that they had had 4 good nights sleep since this epic challenge had begun and the pair were still both awake, feeding on the excitment from the crowd.

The fastest 1 million metre indoor tandem row was smashed with a time of 3 days: 15 hours: 34 minutes & 48 seconds (beating the previous best by 1hr:19mins:20secs) and the longest continual row was surpassed by 5 minutes & 42 seconds now standing at an impressive 3days:16hrs:59mins:50Secs

This fantastic mind blowing achievement was all in support of the East Kent Dementia Appeal and 7 other children’s charities as nominated by Ricky as detailed on the “Just Giving” page should you wish to make a small contribution, which would be welcomed & appreciated by all parties.