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Published: 01/04/2021

Sunshine on a Reina Day

Complimentary feedback about our Heat Pump installations from RetrofitWorks, part of OvoEnergy, Zero Carbon Scheme.  Please read –

Sunshine on a Reina Day

RetrofitWorks is a cooperative of companies all focused on improving the housing stock in the UK.

Our members include installers for heating, ventilation and insulation, builders, architects and surveyors.

The focus a coordinated plan to make homes more energy efficient, one step at a time, and use our practitioner members with the requisite skills to carry out the work.

RetrofitWorks is at the forefront of delivering the target of zero carbon emissions, and has been at the forefront of Government led Schemes.

OVO is supplying the Electrification of Heat Scheme across the South East of England. It is a high profile project – a target of 250 heat pumps to be installed by the end of June 2021 across a range of homes representing the housing stock, with a view to rolling heat pumps in larger numbers. In addition to the heat pumps our installers are also fitting monitoring equipment, which is so critical to the success of the Scheme so that we can model best performance.

It is a high profile trial, hinging largely on the quality of installers involved.

The Reina Group has exceeded our expectations – that is OVO and RetrofitWorks – with regards to the whole customer journey – from initial homeowner contact, through to technical survey, installation and post-install monitoring. Everyone administering the Scheme is using this as a learning experience, and aside from high quality heat pump installs, Ricky, Julia, Nick and the rest of the team have always given us an invaluable advice as to how best approach any heat pump scenario, feedback that will be influential in modelling future heat pump schemes.

We have had fantastic customer reviews about the quality of install, and with regards to the install of the monitoring and performance data from a technical side Reina has been seamless. Our first heat pump installer to install the monitoring. And spot on from the first. That customer satisfaction has also been confirmed by government auditing.

It has been a challenging year – Covid-19, Brexit, shortage of materials and even more so a shortage of quality installs. The Reina Group has stepped up to the fore, with heightened customer service and assurance, whilst ensuring working in a safe environment. Quality is a key description of the Reina Group, and we believe that they are at the high end, what has been surprising is the value for money and transparency of pricing. Rarely does a company tick all of the boxes in the same way as the Reina Group has. They truly have set a benchmark for success.

We look forward to working alongside Reina Group for the duration of this project – and beyond.