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Published: 08/04/2014

The Government’s New RHI Scheme is Finally Here

As from 9th April 2014, the long awaited Renewable Heat Incentive is available to domestic properties.  The aim of the scheme is to encourage householders to switch to alternative energy sources for their space heating and hot water supplies by offering financial incentives.

What to expect from the Domestic RHI scheme

The Domestic RHI scheme will provide eligible householders with quarterly payments over a seven year period.  The purpose of the payment is to help cover the cost of installing renewable heating systems, such as air source and ground source heat pumps.  The payments, known as the tariff, will be based on your estimated annual energy usage.

You may have installed a renewable heating system in your home in anticipation of the RHI.  The Government will be accepting legacy applications dating back to 15th July 2009 assuming all criteria are met.

How does the RHI work?

The Domestic RHI scheme is open to both homeowners and landlords who want to install alternative energy heating systems in their homes.  The scheme is open in England, Wales and Scotland.

The following types of heating systems are eligible for the RHI:

·       air source heat pumps

·       ground source heat pumps

·       solar thermal panels – flat plate or evacuated tube only.

·       biomass only boilers

·       biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers

The make and model of the system has to meet specific technical requirements, and they must use a wet central heating system, i.e. underfloor heating or radiators.

The RHI will work alongside the Green Deal.  Before you apply for the Domestic RHI you need to have a Green Deal Assessment carried out for your property.  You’ll be issued an Advice Report.  If the report it recommends that you install loft or cavity wall insulation, you must have this done and then get an updated EPC to verify the installation.

When your renewable heating system is installed, the installer will register it and give you the MCS certificate.  Once you have this you will be able to apply for the RHI online.

The Reina Group supply and install MCS heat pumps in the South East of England.  Each of our heat pump systems is accredited by the MCS, as are we.  See our introduction to MCS heat pumps for more information. 08