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Published: 14/08/2017

The Upcoming European Heat Pump Summit

The fifth biennial European Heat Pump Summit takes place this year in Nuremberg, on the 24th and 25th October 2017.

The EHPS brings together the European heat pump community, with energy experts, scientists and authorities gathering for two days of meetings, discussions and talks.

International heat pump experts will meet to discuss the market trends, technology advancements and potential future opportunities of the heat pump world.  The Summit is designed to facilitate the productive sharing of research and information, across the heat pump community.

The comprehensive programme features more than thirty different speakers, and will be simultaneously translated into German and English.

The Programme

EHPS speakers will come from a variety of different institutes, and have a wealth of experience behind them. Attendees will be coming from internationally renowned research and development facilities, universities and organisations. There will also be community planners, consultants, energy businesses, sustainable energy initiatives and commercial manufacturers, bringing their knowledge and passion to the summit.

The programme itself will be centred around 4 main topics; ‘Market Developments’, ‘Research and Development’, ‘Development on Components and Products’ and ‘the Application of Heat Pumps’. There will be a focus on the importance of developing a sustainable future energy market, including an examination of global and national legislation and its effect on the market. This will include a segment on the heat pump initiative of the International Energy Agency (IEA-HPT).

There will also be exhibition stands from a range of companies and institutions, open for free-flow discussion and exchange of ideas.

The Purpose

The EHPS gives the community a chance to come together and share the wealth of knowledge it has gained over the past two years. It is also the perfect opportunity to discuss future progress of the heat pump sector, alongside developments in sustainable energy.

We have seen a huge increase in support for sustainable energy across the globe. In Britain, the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) has announced increased support for domestic and commercial properties installing and using heat pumps. It is exciting to consider the potential future developments in heat pump technology, and where it could take us next.

It is also a chance to discuss market trends, and best practice for implementing heat pump technology in line with regulations and market developments to make best practical use of initiatives and incentives put forth by governments.

Reina look forward to sharing the knowledge gained at EHPS and using it to enhance our heat pump services. More information on the EHPS is available on the website.