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Published: 02/02/2024

How do Heat Pumps work and how do I get one?

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are a renewable energy solution designed to extract heat from the air outside to inside a building, via radiators, under floor heating and/or hot water. A heat pump installation is a greener alternative to gas, oil. LPG and electric systems, offering up to four times more efficiency than a traditional boiler.

As a MCS Heat Pump installer, Reina can design and install the best heat pump suitable for your home.  For more information on our heat pump installation in Kent please visit our website or call us to speak to our heat pump team 01303 248648 or email

How do heat pumps work?

An Air Source heat pump works like a refrigerator, but in reverse. The pump absorbs heat from the outside air and coverts this into a liquid at a low temperature, then the heat pump compressor increases the temperature of this. The heat generated is transferred via a condenser into the property’s heating or hot water system. The refrigerant continues to circulate within the system and passes through an expansion valve to cool the temperature down to start the cycle again.

Uk Heat Pump cost

For a three-bedroom detached house it would typically cost between £10,000 – £20,000 to install an air source heat pump, but could eventually pay for itself through fuel savings, which makes this a good alternative to conventional heating systems.  How much does a Heat Pump cost? Find out by using our online heat pump calculator.

To help with installation costs homeowners can apply for the  Boiler Upgrade Scheme which is a Government voucher scheme offering up to £7,500 to help reduce the cost of a heat pump installation. 

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What is the scheme and am I eligible?

The (BUS) Boiler Upgrade Scheme formerly known as the (CHG) Clean Heat Grant replaces the (RHI) Renewable Heat Incentive and is available until 2028.  The BUS Government heat pump grant scheme aims to change the way we heat our homes, to help meet the UK’s net zero carbon emissions target by 2050. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers an upfront £7,500 government voucher given to households to help towards the capital costs of installing clean renewable heat from low carbon technologies such as heat pumps.

Will I save money with a Heat Pump?

You could typically reduce heating bills by 40% over traditional electric and oil heating systems. Start your heat pump journey here and price up your air source heat pump using our heat pump calculator.

Heat pump Questions often asked?

Is an Air Source Heat Pump right for me?

Air source heat pumps are the most common type of domestic heat pump in the UK and are suitable for many types of home. However, for a heat pump to work effectively your home may need to be insulated and achieve a good EPC level.

Do you have somewhere to put a Heat Pump?

Air source heat pump units are usually situated outside the property adjacent to a side or back wall but can be placed up to 50 meters away if using a split system.

How loud is a Heat Pump?

It is a myth that heat pumps make a noise they are no louder than a domestic fridge. You will only hear a slight hum from the unit.

How will a heat pump heat the rooms in my home?

Heat pumps provide heat in your home through radiators and or underfloor heating. 

Do I need planning permission for an Air Source Heat Pump?

ASHP’s are generally allowed as permitted developments, depending on certain factors. Please check with your local authority to find out if planning permission is required.

Will a Heat Pump keep my house warm in winter?

Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home all year round.  Even in temperatures as low as -25°C an air source heat pump can continue to heat a property using the air from outside.  Warmth is actually present in all air that has a higher temperature than absolute zero (-273.15 °C).

Do you need a backup heat source with a Heat Pump?

No, correctly designed and installed a heat pump will provide all the heating and hot water you require.

Do I need a hot water cylinder with a Heat Pump?

Yes a water cylinder is an essential part of heat pump systems (and other sustainable technologies, like solar thermal) that will ensure hot water remains on tap, and the system operates at maximum efficiency.

It might be that you have a suitable cylinder already installed, but if not, we will recommend a ‘heat pump ready’ hot water cylinder.

See our page on a complete guide to Heat Pumps for more questions and answers about heat pumps.  If you would like an indicative price, immediately try out our Heat Pump calculator.  Or if you would like to speak to one of our experienced heat pump team call 01303 248648.