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Published: 20/05/2020

Working through these strange times…

Heat Pump Installation in an Off-grid area.

Despite the COVID19 pandemic hitting the whole of the construction industry, we have recently managed to successfully return to work safely, adhering to the Government guidelines with social distancing.  Although working with the new restrictions creates more strategic planning and careful installation rules we have successfully installed some cracking Heat Pumps this week.

Rob and Josh, two of our engineers have been working on this installation in Grafty Green, Nr Maidstone, replacing an old oil boiler with a Daikin Air Source Heat Pump.  The property is a four-bedroom detached bungalow set in magnificent grounds, situated in the quaint village of Grafty Green, being one of the areas which is off-gas.   The original oil boiler was old and needed replacing so when the homeowner investigated a new system, he decided to look for an alternative heating system to that of oil and found that renewable technology was his best option.  Also, with fluctuating oil prices and his interest of renewable technologies, the customer was keen to explore a new heating system.  A neighbour, who we had previously installed a similar system recommended the Reina Group, so we were delighted to assist.

The installation took a total of 5 days from start to finish with little disruption to the customer and his family.  A Daikin Altherma, 3 Hydro Split, with R32 refrigerant was installed, having less impact on the environment, whilst offering better efficiencies and flow temperatures with the heating.  The heat pump was connected to work in tandem with the PVC solar panels connecting the cylinder, so the emersion heats the hot water

The 11kW external Heat Pump was positioned close to the main house ensuring that is was out of main site with the corresponding Hydrobox sitting internally in a tidy plant room.

Now the heat pump installation has been finished the customer is taking full advantage of the RHI scheme, a Government incentive scheme available to homeowners.  Every unit of green air used is paid back by the Government, ultimately, it means you can earn a fixed income for every kilowatt of heat you produce. Learn more on the RHI

Safety is paramount with all our current installations with 2 m distancing adhered to and PPE equipment being worn throughout.  These are unprecedented times we are facing and if we all do our utmost and follow the Government guidelines, we will beat this virus together.