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Heat Pump Installations in Ashford, Kent

If you are located in or near Ashford, Kent, and looking for a local company to install your heat pump, you have come to the right place.

We are now considered one of the leading heat pump installers in Ashford and hold the correct accreditations to install Ground source and Air source heat pumps in Ashford.

Ashford is a hub of new residential development in the South East and a perfect place to live with the quick routes to London, situated close to major motorways. If you live in a house that needs a new heating system, why not consider a heat pump, which will not only reduce your utility bills, but it will reduce your carbon footprint.

Heat Pump Installations in Ashford

If you are looking for a Heat pump installer in Ashford, we can provide you with a heat pump cost almost immediately.  Follow 7 easy steps and use our Heat Pump Price tool, it will provide you with an indicative heat pump cost and calculate your savings with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

We have installed over 350+ heat pumps in Ashford and surrounding villages. If your property is in an off-gas area and uses oil or LPG you will significantly save money if you install a heat pump. Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly way of heating your home and they will reduce your carbon footprint.  Heat pumps are designed to work at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, so rather than turning on your heating on for a few hours to warm your house, you would have the heating on for most of the day and keep your house at a constant temperature, yet you may still save money on your energy.

An Air Source Heat Pump installation in Ashford to a 16th Century manor.

A heat pump case study in Ashford

We have installed heat pumps in Ashford, Kent for over 20 years, installing Ground Source and Air source systems.  Look at some of our heat pump case studies in Ashford.

Air and Ground Source Installations in Ashford

Some of the previous heat pump installations, carried out by our team in Ashford include: a new heat pump heating system to a property in Bislington, near Ashford, Kent.  A Nibe Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) has been installed to this property in Ashford, which extracts energy from the ground, via 2x 81m vertical ground collectors, via boreholes.

An Air Source Heat Pump in Ashford, Warehorne, was installed into a 3-bedroom house.  The heat pump provides heating to the home via zoned underfloor heating to the ground floor and radiators to the first floor.  See all our heat pump installations here.

Our Ashford Heat Pump installations in numbers:

Number of heat pumps installed in Ashford:350+
Approx Total yearly estimated savings:£60,000 saved a year
Average house size of installations:3 bedrooms
Average Cost of Ashford installations:£9,100 less BUS Grant (£7,500)
Our heat pump installations in Ashford

Take a look at areas in Ashford where we have installed heat pumps – Areas We Cover – Reina Group MCS Heat Pump Experts

Types of heat pumps Ashford

There are two main types of MCS heat pumps to choose from, ground source and air source.  They both work very similarly, and use tried and tested technology.  Ground source heat pumps require loops of tubing to be buried underground, either horizontally in trenches or vertically in a borehole, whereas air source heat pumps use a fan to draw air into the unit and extract warmth from it.

How much do Heat pumps in Ashford cost?

For a three-bedroom detached house it would typically cost between £10,000 – £20,000 to install an air source heat pump in Ashford, but could eventually pay for itself through fuel savings, which makes this a good alternative to conventional heating systems.  You could typically reduce heating bills by 40% over traditional electric and oil heating systems. Start your heat pump journey here and price up your air source heat pump using our heat pump calculator.

To help with installation costs homeowners can apply for the  Boiler Upgrade Scheme which is a Government voucher scheme offering up to £7,500 to help reduce the cost of a heat pump installation.  You can also spread your heat pump costs, with our partner Kandoo Finance who offer loans of between £500 to £50,000 with flexible lending periods.

Read our news article on Heat Pumps costs here >.

Heat Pump installations in Ashford…..

Heat Pump Installations in Ashford Kent, TN26

Heat Pump Installation In Challock Kent TN25

Heat Pump Installations in Ashford, Kent, TN26

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