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How have you determined the heat loss of my building?

Initially at the indicative quote stage we will assume certain factors based on the age of the dwelling, construction type, window & insulation factors. These various factors are taken into consideration when determining the heat loss of your building.

Following a site visit to undertake a Green Deal assessment we also perform a room by room survey and calculate your actual heat loss based on MCS guidelines so we can accurately determine the size of your heatpump.

So long as we meet the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) criteria – A long term financial support programme, which you may become eligible for if you have one of our MCS heat pumps installed.

The programme is to encourage more people to use heat pumps that generate heat using renewable energy sources, which our heat pumps do. Both our ground source and air source heat pumps use renewable energy. Ultimately, the RHI’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the effects of climate change. When applying for the RHI, there are various factors taken into account. To find out more about eligibility visit the GOV.UK website.

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